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Discovery of Sound in the Sea
Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) - References, Additional Links, and Resources

  • Whitman, E. 2005, "SOSUS: The "Secret Weapon" of Undersea Surveillance Undersea Warfare." Winter 2005 Vol. 7 No. 2. (Link)
Additional Links on DOSITS

Additional Resources

  • "Global Security: Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS)" (Link)
  • Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, "SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System)" (Link)
  • NOAA Vents Program, "Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS)" (Link)
  • National Academy of Sciences, "Sounding Out the Oceans Secrets." (Link)
  • "The Cable: IUSS-Caesar Alumni Association." (Click on “History.”) (Link)