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Technology Gallery
Printed Resources
  • Bifano, T., etal. A Novel Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Design for an Underwater Acoustic Field Sensor, Boston University
  • Richardson, W.J., Greene, C.R., Malme, C.I. and Thomson, D.H. 1995. Marine Mammals and Noise. San Diego, CA: Academic Press
  • Steig, The Use of Acoustics Tags to Monitor the Movement of Juvenile Salmonids Approaching a Dam on the Columbia River
  • Steig and Ehrenberg. 2002. A Method for Estimating the "Position Accuracy" of Acoustic Fish Tags. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 59: 140-149.

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Additional Resources

  • University of South Carolina, Marine Sediments Laboratory, "Acoustic Release." (Link)
  • BENTHOS, "Acoustic Release Brochure." (Link)
  • Sonardyne, "Acoustic Release Transponders." (Link)
  • Desert Star Systems, "Acoustic Release, ARC-1." (Link)
  • "Hydrophone." (Link)
  • "NOAA Ocean Explorer - Technologies for Ocean Acoustic Monitoring." (Link)
  • Benthos, "Pingers and Locaters." (Link)
  • Lowrance, "Transducer Selection Guide." (Link)
  • Subsea Sonics, "Underwater Acoustic Release System." (Link)