People and Sound in the Sea
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People and Sound in the Sea
Printed Resources
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Additional Resources

  • 1999, "Alaska Sea Grant- Tools of Ecosystem Management." (Link)
  • "Biosonics - Marine Hydroacoustic Assessment Techniques for Fish & Plankton." (Link)
  • "Boat U.S. Presents Chuck Husick - Fish Finders." (Link)
  • Fireman, J. 5/1/2002, "Data Acquisition Technology is Key to Sonar Detection of Fish Size and Species in Real Time." Ocean News and Technology, May 2002. (Link)
  • "Dive and DIscover - Sound is the Answer to Underwater Navigation." (Link)
  • "Dive and Discover- Mapping the Ocean Floor with Echo Sounding." (Link)
  • "Institute for Marine Acoustics- Acoustics and Sonar Primer." (Link)
  • "Klein Associates." (Link)
  • "Lowrance Electronics Inc - Sonar Tutorial: Fish Arches." (Link)
  • "Lowrance Electronics, Inc. - Sonar Tutorial." (Link)
  • "Mr. Wizard Predicts Future for Fish Finders." (Link)
  • WHOI- Dive and Discover, "Multibeam Bathymetry -The Successor to the Single-Beam Echo sounding." (Link)
  • Altonn, H. 6/2/2003, "Scientists use sonar to help identify favorite isle fish." 2003. Honolulu Star-Bulletin ( (Link)
  • "The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide - Get Serious About Sonar." (Link)
  • "University of New Hampshire: Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping." (Link)
  • "USGS Seafloor Mapping Technology." (Link)
  • "WHOI Voyage to Punta Ridge - Measuring Water Depth: Echosounding." (Link)