Thinking Inside the Box
Thinking Inside the Box
(Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School)

This is a hands-on inquiry activity that allows students to discover how scientists and researchers use sonar to explore the seafloor. Students and/or teachers build a model of the seafloor out of a copy paper box. Students will collect data from the model and organize it using grids and data tables by hand on paper and by computer with Excel. Students will use the data collected to create and build 2 and 3 dimensional topographical maps and graphs. All directions, patterns, grids and charts can be printed for this standards based activity. Note: You will need to print out the following files to complete this activity.

File 1: Box Directions (PDF, 142 KB)
File 2: Box Directions 2 (PDF, 133 KB) - for best results print out on 11 x 17 paper
File 3: Inside the Box Worksheet (PDF, 8 KB)
File 4: Inside the Box Elementary (PDF, 313 KB) OR Inside the Box Middle/High (PDF, 343 KB)