Glossary - N
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narial passages
the air spaces that connect the throat region with the openings of the nose, known as the nares. It is also sometimes referred to as the nasal passages.
sounds made up of only a small range of frequencies
Monodon monoceros
grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity (of, relating to, or present at birth).
the examination and dissection of a body to determine the cause of death; autopsy
NeMO Net
New Millennium Observatory Network; a project, which records and transmits daily temperature and pressure readings from Axial Volcano
Neural impulses
An electrical and chemical signal sent along nerve fibers
small, sensory receptors of arranged hair cells located along the lateral line, which respond to motion between the fish and the surrounding water
new england mussel
Mytilus edilus
an unwanted sound or a sound that interferes with the perception of another signal, whether it be through recording or hearing.
non-vocal sounds
sounds made without the use of vocal folds or other body parts whose primary function is moving air for sound production. These sounds are typically made by slapping a body part on the water or land surface, or by forcefully clapping body parts together. Non-vocal sounds may be used to communicate acoustically.
normal line
a line that is perpendicular (makes a 90 degree angle) to a surface
North Atlantic right whale
Eubalaena glacialis
North Pacific right whale
Eubalaena japonica
Northern bottlenose whale
Hyperoodon ampullatus
Northern elephant seal
Mirounga angustirostris
Northern fur seal
Callorhinus ursinus
Northern seahorse
Hippocampus erectus
Northern shrimp
Pandalus borealis
Norwegian herring
Clupea harengus
null decision
correctly deciding on the basis of a statistical test that a signal is absent when it is in fact absent.
null hypothesis
the hypothesis that there is not a real difference between the means of two data sets.